About your wedding photographer, Simon Murray

Simon Murray was born in Perth, Scotland and through a love of photography that started over 20 years ago, Simon has developed his passion into a style that evokes a sense of openness and fun from his subjects.

People in front of his lens, genuinely have a good time, in fact Simon calls it therapy, not sure if that’s for him or the sitter.

His style allows freedom of movement and inspiration and Simon can be seen photographing a wide range of subjects, but mostly people, whether that be in fashion, music or the arts where I have worked with individuals from models, actors and presenters to large companies such as BT, Armani, The Scotsman and Vidal Sassoon.

Simon Murray Photographer

I live around the corner from Scone Races and in particular Scone Palace where all the Kings and Queens of Scotland were crowned (but that’s a long long time ago …), both are great venues for wedding receptions or pre-wedding photo shoots.


Your Special Wedding Day

I genuinely get excited about being the one you have chosen to capture that most special of days, and promise to do all I can to make you feel special, relaxed and confident at the moment of capture.

You’ll find I’m of a most cheery disposition and will make you smile a lot – that’s especially important. I want to help make this a stress free experience. The day evolves around the Bride and Groom not some upstart of a photographer so I can be excitable but also patient and can coach you for the best results. I love people and more than that, observing them, so there is not much that I will miss on this special occasion.

I also do Pre-Wedding Day Photoshoots for the Bride and Groom and/or Bridal Portraits.

Feel free to pop round for an informal chat and coffee and we can discuss a process that suits you both and we can talk about the logistics of the special day while looking at more pictures.

bye for now